Friday, April 11, 2014

LymeZombie, My Broken World - 5

I felt I needed to write this because I have not heard anyone say they have experience the "feelings" I get.
Yes, I have an assortment of intense pains throughout my body. My neck gets a pain that feels as if can no longer support my head, my head is going to just fall down, or off my shoulders. I get the pains in my legs, knees, arms, head, feet pains. Then there are the BaZillion Neurological Symptoms, I have so many, I feel as if I am watching me, in a Horror Movie or a living Nightmare,  The Anxiety is Terrible, I have described it in detail in my other posts. There are many people that have these same symptoms.

Here are my unusual experiences. I have a lot of weird "feelings", for instance, vibrations that occur in my feet and go through my body. Waves of Intense Heat that start in the Solar Plexus Chakra, sometimes the Sexual Chakra, they feel like someone put a high powered light on in that area, and it spreads out, washing over my entire body [inside]. Then I have a feeling of heaviness or like a constricting feeling under my breast, exactly where my bra rests, it is still there If I go braless. Then there is a feeling I have always gotten if I thought something was wrong, or something was going to happen. I guess I can explain it as a feeling of maybe an Adrenaline rush. It's in the very center of my chest, also its a flash feeling, it lasts a second, but if I get it, it has lasted on and off throughout the day. Then there are other feelings, also in my chest area, I'll describe them as quick jolts, they move from the left side to the right side, then center, very fast electrical jolts. I sometimes honestly feel as if I am short circuiting. This one is the strange one. I "feel" as if a certain area hurts. There is no pain, but I "feel" there is. I actually have to lay down when I get these "feelings". These "feelings" actually sometimes make me feel weak, sometimes dizzy.
When I first starting experiencing these things, it really frightened me big time. It actually caused me to have full blown panic attacks. Yes, I still get a bit nervous when I get them, just not as bad.
I only told one person, the nurse I used to have, she asked me to rate it on a 1 to 10 scale. How the Hell do you rate "Feelings".
Anyone else out there have anything like I have described?

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