Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Luv's Destruction

Photography [ORBs] and Poetry by: ~Lady Selene~
Luv's Destruction
You taught me how to be  untrusting of men.
Showed me what real pain and hurt feels like.
Tore me apart mentally,
left me withered and dead.
Took what little self confidence I had,
and smashed it to pieces.
Let me feel what it's like to be used,
taken for granted.
Shattered my fantasies of love,
passion, and desire.
I was left empty filled with coldness
Where my heart did reside,
is solid ice.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Into The Darkness: Lady Selene

Photography & Poetry by ~Lady Selene~
The Ocean

I hear the Ocean call to me,
come to me my child once more.
My desire becomes overpowering,
as waves crash onto the shore.
I kneel on the rocks,
arms reached up to Mother moon,
invoking my Goddess to me.
My eyes closed tight,
chanting the words,
so she can hear and see.
My body becomes weak & numb,
I stand sky clad in the night.
All alone on a full moon eve,
feeling no sense of fright.
Come into my soul, my heart,
there you will reside.
I will do as I will, hurt none,
you fill my heart with love & pride.
Sparks fly from my body,
into the star filled sky.
Power so intense, it makes me shake,
as my soul, to you, does fly.

Photography & Poetry by ~Lady Selene~
Out of the Ocean I Hath Come

At the Ocean on a full Mooned night.
Naked and free on my endless flight.
I lit my candles and began to chant.
My breath became a shallow pant.
Raised my arms to the Goddess above.
She filled me with an Ultimate love.
I invoked her to come deep into my soul.
To give me warmth, in place of the cold.
She bestowed onto me, the most beautiful things.
My heart no longer cries, for hope it now sings.
She let me fly with the Birds of the Night.
With my heart I felt my future, full of light.
Sadness, pain shall crumble to the ground.
Love, happiness will once again be found.

The Tourtures of Love

Love torments, tortures,and rips you apart.
It deadens your soul, it tears out your heart.
Love's only happy when your locked in its darkened room.
A cold, isolated cell, filled with pain, despair, gloom.
Love takes your freedom, and full control of you.
Tells you what to say, how to feel, what to do.
Love is for fools, I've been there you see.
I was ravaged plundered, finally, it Emotionally killed me.


Who knew that night I reached out for you
That I was reaching for you to hold onto me
To save me from falling deeper into the abyss
I was begging for your guidance, I followed a light
a feeling I got from your presence
It guided me, told me we needed each other
Though I didn't know how I needed you then
My life has so changed
All because of you
Your words
Your patience
My heart feels new and light
Alive again, full of love and laughter
My emotions full of happiness, all stirred up
They were non existent before you came along
You taught me how great love and life can be
Now I remember, things I forgot
Little things, that mean so much
All this because I reached out my hand to help you!

Photography & Poetry by ~Lady Selene~

Never do I have to worry, your always there, Somewhere, 
Amidst the constant flow of Ingress and Data in my head.
You will always Shine Brighter, Because you're My Friend, my Lover

Photography & Poetry by ~Lady Selene~

We will always watch the sky Together
Scan the stars for Meteorites
We will look for Castles in the Clouds
Count the Plants, Worship Mother Moon.

The Night is warm, a gentle Ocean breeze
drawing us Mentally Closer.
The world seems to stop,
our senses disappear
We are one, with the Universe
To be Re-Born

Photography & Poetry by ~Lady Selene~
My LuvWaits

I waitied for your luv to return so many years, 
Something brought you back into my life.
I tried my best, I gave you all I could. 
 I'm not the person you wanted me to be

Photography & Poetry by ~Lady Selene~

My Luv has gone
He waits no More
My Heart is Black
Solitude Again is Mine

Photography & Poetry by ~Lady Selene~
Empty and Alone

Now my life is empty
My heart is Black and Cold
My body can't stop shaking
It hurts to be Alone

Photography & Poetry by ~Lady Selene~


thats all I have
of you & I in the past  
My heart is Dark 
Empty & Cold
Murdered from Sorrow
I Luved you so long
You now took it Away
Time takes it’s Toll
Your Heart, Your Soul
can only take so much 
Hurt & Pain
Till it shuts Down
Then, lets NO one
I DO Luv you
My Own Dark Way

Photography & Poetry by ~Lady Selene~
Useless Attempts

Attempts made, no success, no one cares, is it too late for me.
Pain, Hurts from past that led me here, now keep me here.
I need someone to love me, to touch my Soul 
too much Solitude is breaking my Spirit 
causing me to wither up and die from the inside, out.


Darkness all around me, emptiness fills my heart 
self pity, loneliness, hurt, despair
is what I sometimes feel.
Occasionally, I even shed some tears.
Then, continue life...Alone 

Photography & Poetry by ~Lady Selene~

Do you know what it's like to wake one night and realize your alone
Everywhere you go, whatever you do, always on your own.
No one to greet you with a smile when you wake every day.
No one ever interested in how you really feel, what you have to say.
Your heart aches from the loneliness, but always hidden with a smile.
Acting carefree & happy, while full of pain,  a broken heart all the while.
Because you've had a life of pain and hurt.
Your heart can no longer Trust, you've always been treated like dirt. 

Mind's Vacation

The tears drowned out the fire in my Heart.
 My mind erased all the Memories of the past.
 My Body is cold and numb, I now survive, not live.
 Life is like a dream, no familiarity in sight.
 Fear is non existent, when your dead inside.
 Light becomes Dark, Hope turns to despair.
I'll retreat now to my life of Blackened Solitude.


It Takes Many
years to get a heart this Black
hurts to get a heart this Cold
rejections to get a heart this Hard
pains to get a heart this Emotionless
breaks to kill a heart this Dead

The Disguise

Love is the monster who haunts your dreams.
It destroys everything that’s beautiful, it seems.
Bites large holes in your heart, and sucks out the life.
Rips you, tears you, pierces you like a knife.
Love disguises itself as beauty, till it pulls you in.
Then you smell it's ugliness, and you realize, you'll never win.
Love torments and tortures, then rips you apart.
It deadens your soul and tears out your heart.
Love is only happy till it lures you into its darkened room.
A cold isolated cell, filled with pain, despair and gloom.

ArtWork & Poetry by ~Lady Selene~
Chains That Bind

No one can break these chains that bind me.
No one can stop the pain or the darkness I see.
I have no trust in man, they all wanted the same.
Not love, all this is to them, was one big game.
They said things they thought I wanted to hear.
It was a script, not a single word was sincere.
They lured me in, made me their prey.
Made me fall for it, for me, it became doomsday.
They ripped out my heart and spit on my soul.
Never quitting till where my heart was,
now is an empty black hole.