Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Poetry and Pic. by; LadySelene 10/10/2012


I am beckoned down a long narrow passage  
Salty Ocean mist caresses my sky clad body, 
Slowly I glide through the midst of lightly swirling fog
there is a vague image forming in the near future

The image becomes my present, it’s a locked door
Only I hold the key in the palm of my hand
I feel the warmth beyond as my left palm radiates
My Senses are held captive as I drift to the other side

Eyes see only black, ears can no longer hear
the feeling on my sky clad body is no more
the scent of the Salty Ocean has been removed
there is no need to speak, tho Im sure I have no voice

I exist motionless, emotionless, comatose in a time warp
a hot Blue feeling begins to emerge in my toes
Encompassing me slowly consuming me entirely
my senses are released one by one

Now in the Astral world, surrounded by beauty
 I look down to see my mortality listless in a bed
My Soul soars freely with the Ravens, Fairies & Bats
Above the trees, clouds, I am now one with the Night

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