Friday, August 15, 2014

Photography and Poetry by: Lady Selene

 The Lymenoid Zombie

I wonder if anyone else “Feels” like they are in 
someones Video Game.
Title: Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease
Story Line; Lymenoid Zombie Battling Spirochetes & ABX

We have been infected with Spirochetes
They are Nano Bug Machines; 
they are Evil, Slick, Stealth [Bio WarFare-Chemicles]
Tainted Sprays omitted Via Man Made Birds 
We have to constantly be in Combat, 
Physically, Mentally
as they swim through our bodies
Spiraling into our Very Soul
The Great Sun Disk Vanishes
Total Darkness has been Cast.
It’s us against the Nano Killer Bugs [Spirochetes]
Us against the Bug Killers [ABX]
Some of us change colour
some inherit New
[Additional] Personalities
Our Flesh burns, itches, flares up
Our Brains Hurt
Fill with the Rush of Bug Killer 
Nano Killer Bugs
Now our Heads fill with Noise
Extreme Fear
Bodies fill with Intense Crippling Pain 
It Even Changes our Physic  
We have to Do ALL we can to Reach our 
“Next Level”.
Tolerate walking through FUCKING HELL 
[no othere way to Describe it]
Not all of us Will Succeed
Not all of us Will Want to 
No Next Level 
Onto the Next Realm
An Entirely New Game

The Games do not have Multiple Lives
We, the Lymeanoid Mutants have only “One”
We are each given X amount of Energy Straws 
Some of us have no Energy Straws 
left after the Combat 
Lost Sight, Hearing
Loose Self respect
Love's Destroyed
Onto the Next Realm 

Some of us Rejuvenate Ourselves 
So we are Able to go into Fight once again 
The Nano Killer Bugs
Bug Killer
All Day, All Night

One Day
The Great Sun Disk Returns.
It Bestows to you, Powers - Happiness - LIFE
You see the World in very Unique, Uplifting way
Everything and Everyone makes you happy
You SHED all Negative Thoughts
You Shake Off all Feelings of Resentment [Hate]
You have moved
your Next Level
No, it was NOT at all easy
No one knows 
For Sure 
how long the Great Sun Disk will remain

You Might once again be Brought into the Darkened World
Where you will have to once again FIGHT
all Day, all Night
Be sent to the Next Realm

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